Instruments Sounds App

Learn about Musical Instruments with The Froggy Bands




Instruments Sounds App

Do you know how is called and how musical instruments sound?

1. Intelligent use of new technologies
An interactive digital game about musical instruments complemented by a traditional cards board game

2. The best gift to play and share with the little ones 
A visual and auditive memory game to play with the family or the classroom

3. Stimulate the musical intelligence
English and Spanish, this interactive app allows to acquire musical cultural competence to the little ones and big musicians

Enjoy it in the family, combine the digital game with the physical pieces!


This FREE digital app includes all the sounds of the musical instruments illustrated in our cards, allowing kids to associate the sound of every instrument with their drawing.

In addition, kids will learn the pronunciation of every instrument in Spanish and English.

The Instruments Sounds App is an app targeted to the most little. It can be enjoyed free or combine the game with The Froggy Band Memory Card game.


  • Acquire musical cultural competence
  • Instrument’s auditory recognition with drawing
  • Learn about Instrument Families of the Orchestra (wind, percussion, string, voices)
  • Train memory and attention span
  • Acquire musical vocabulary in English and Spanish


  • Free download, more than 40 sounds of musical instruments
  • It combines the use of physical pieces (cards) and own interactivity of digital devices (smartphone, tablet)
  • Juega solo o en grupo
  • Enjoy with whole family or at school
  • Works Without Internet. This app does not require an Internet connection to function
  • Without third-party advertising or in-app purchases
  • Parental Control – we follow the COPPA law
  • This app is designed for both iOs y Android Tablets
  • Compatible with smartphones, requires iOS 6.0 or later and Android 2.3.3 or later.

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