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Educational App with Music Games for kids 5 to 8 that helps develop a musical sense designed both for classroom and home use.




  • No In-App Purchasing. This app does not offer items for in-app purchasing.
  • Works Without Internet. This app does not require an Internet connection to function.

1. Dance and enjoy
Music games so the children can move and develop healthy minds and bodies.

2.Memory and attention span
Auditory and visual memory games

Drawings, puzzles, melodies and sounds that awaken their curiosity and inspire their imagination.

The Music Games has been tested by primary music teachers


In the colorful land of The Froggy Bands you’ll find 10 different musical bases with more than 40 instruments, sounds to learn and many games for children, which will introduce them to the magical world of music.


– Learning to listen and identify different instruments based on their sound

– Learning to classify instrument families (strings, brass and percussion)

– Practically learning the characteristics of various musical genres such as those for a classical orchestra, batucada, jazz, flamenco, beatboxing…

– Associate instruments’ sound with their shape (auditory recognition)

– Discover interesting facts about the instruments and musical genres through games

– Acquire cultural and artistic competence

Important Features:

– 10 different musical themes to connect mind and body

– More than 40 different musical instruments to train memory and attention span

– Musical vocabulary in English and Spanish

– Play without Wifi or Internet


– Without third-party advertising or in-app purchases

– Parental Control – we follow the COPPA law

Begin to tangibilize now!

Don’t forget to download the ‘Batucada’ musical instruments worksheets which accompanies this digital apps at La Mochila’!


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