Shorts stories: learn to count with Nini

In this story, kids together to Nini learn to count to 10. The story consists of 35 scenarios characterised by illustrations and sounds which anímate the story interactively. In each page you will be able to record your own voice while narrating the text which goes along with each of the illustrations.

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About TangibleFun

We began the TangibleFun in August of 2013 in order to write new digital tools for children, science play ideas and activities to do with kids to promote learning and development.

Our creative attitudes joint with our jobs usually we lead to find relationship between things, shapes, colors, materials and sounds that we find in our everyday life. So one day we decided to put our skills together in order to create new educational tools where toys and new technologies mix together.

Since 2014, TangibleFun aims to be a provider of educational digital tools as well as tangible learning products and services to schools and for parents.

TangibleFun aim is to encourage more children as possible to enjoy and learn trhough our apps and tangibles educational products. For this reason we design ‘La mochila’ (the backpack in Spanish language). A page on our website where you can download, for free charge, tangible resources which accompanies our digital apps.
Each of our products is associated with five basic goals: TO LEARN, TO ENJOY, TO MAKE ART, TO LOOK AROUND, TO PLAY. The ultimate goal is to make learning for kids, more consistent and more effective.

About us


Daniela Seminara

Creative director

Javier Duró

Executive producer

Tangiblefun is a team of creative people who create digital and tangible tools that parents and teachers love.
We build on learning multidisciplinary, and we believe that art and new technologies together can empower learning through play for all kids.

Our background include experiences in product designing, marketing, music composing and teaching.

We pay deep attention on new technologies to help to make better the educational assets.

We open to new collaborations and partnerships. Usually we work by project. The team project is built by professionals coming from different educational areas and disciplines.

A multilingual tale

In 2015, we edit our first interactive tale for tablets, called: ‘PLAYING IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. Nini learns to count’.

It is a digital and tangible storytelling series where Nini, a cute little being who lives close to nature, learns to count thanks to his curiosity for the world around him. Plenty of adventures full of healthy values which motivate children to learn and build their self-esteem and creativity through colourful interactive settings, accompanied by music especially composed for each story.