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Learn to count with Nini.

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This bi-lingual app – either Spanish, Italian or English – is a great way to introduce any child to a second language and watch as they interact with basic numbers in a natural and intuitive way.  The story consists of 35 scenarios characterised by illustrations and sounds which anímate the story interactively.  In each page you will be able to record your own voice while narrating the text which goes along with each of the illustrations. Parental control – COPPA compliant. No third-party advertising or in-app purchasing.

Top Ten App for kids| made in Spain 2016

Nini learn to count, one of the best ten educational applications for kids made in Spain according to the jury Festival de Comunicación El Chupete 2016.

Gold Award

Nini learns to count, has won the Gold Award  for ‘Best App for Children and Toddlers’ on | Winner of 2015 October Awards

EAS Certification

February 2016  – 5 star certification by the Educational App Store

  • The app places Spanish and English vocabulary within comfortable reach of those who use the app and the creativity and ‘playfulness’ of its design mean that to do so is far from being onerous.
    Teacher Review
  • An excellent learning resource for inside and outside the classroom, which will allow children to become familiar with numbers in Spanish and English in a fun, interactive and tangible way.
    BMA | Best Mobile App Awards
    Best App for Children and Toddlers Jury
  • Overall, it is an extremely well-presented app with lots of engaging features that will not only educate but also keep any child engaged as he or she progresses through the story.
    Nita Buisán
    editor en
  • List of the best apps for toddlers October 2015
    Educaciò 3.0
    Revista para el aula del siglo XXI
  • We love apps for toddlers keep in mind how they learn and focus on exploration and open-ended play.
    Álvaro Varona González
    Periodista, revista digital sobre tendencias asociado a
  • An excellent app for kids. It uses simplicity and playful repetition to reinforce the Spanish or English language.
    Blanca M B
    Maestra de Ed. Infantil - Blog actividadeseducainfantil

Top ten educational apps for kids 2016

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Aprender a contar- cuento infantil

Nini learns to count |FREE

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Aprender a contar - ingles-español

English- Spanish
Nini learns to count.

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Learn to count - Italian-English

Nini learns to count.

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Aprender a contar - italiano-español

Nini learns to count.

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Music Games | The Froggy Bands

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