Honey Tina’s Market

It is a proposal that aims to give visibility to the ‘friendly bees’ brands being exhibited.

It is a virtual space where you can find makers environmentally friendly and friends of bees.

Do you want your company, association, store or product to be part of the Honey Tina's market?

Honey Tina Market is not just a store of bee-friend products; it is also a project of raising awareness for families about sustainable beekeeping and to foster in the little ones a love for bees, nature and respect for flora and fauna.
We want to give visibility to workshops for children related to the world of bees and honey. Certified beekeeping providers, tourist farms for bee-friendly families. Exhibitions, spectacles, artistic initiatives and all those knowledge projects on the work of bees and that promote an education with environmental values.
To be part of Honey Tina Market,contact Tangible Fun.