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Into ‘LA MOCHILA’, the TangibleFun backpack, you’ll find tangible assets about our digital products: worksheets, printables, coloring pages.

Learning through play for both inside and outside the classroom!

manualidades para niños-descarga gratis

Learning by doing and learning through play.

TangibleFun aim is to encourage more children as possible to enjoy and learn through our educational apps and learning resources. For this reason we created ‘La mochila’ (the backpack in Spanish language) where you can download, for free charge, worksheets, printables and coloring pages of our digital educational apps.

*ATTENTION! These worksheets are designed for educational and decorative purposes. You can not re-sell these images. Read more about LEGAL NOTICE. For any question contact us at

thumb-juegos de musica

Download for free the worksheets about musical instruments, print and play with characters of  Music games: The Froggy Bands.




Worksheets about ‘Batucada’ musical instruments: colouring pages

manualidades para niños- la batucada

Once again from TangibleFun we invite you to also tangibly enjoy our digital products!

Download for free the coloring pages OF THE TYPICAL BATUCADA INSTRUMENTS. Begin to tangibilize now! Train your children’s musical intelligence!

Worksheet for kids 5 to 8 that helps develop a musical vocabulary

Learning to classify instrument families (strings, brass and percussion)

Printable to make your own storytell cards

crear cuentos_tarjetas cuentos

You have three themes:
Creative tool to make your amazing unique story!

short stories for kids

The worksheets are an ideal learning tool for kids who are just learning to write or want to practice at home numbers and sentences in English and Spanish.

Download for free the worksheets about numbers and characters of Nini learns to countShort stories for kids.




Worksheets about numbers: match sentences to picture

Fichas para maestros

Match pictures with correct sentences of the Nini short stories.

Learn numbers in English and Spanish with crafts for kids. Find and match sentences describing characters of  Nini learns to count, educational apps.

Crafts: cubes storytelling


Two cubes storytelling could be used for imaginative play and to tell your special tale 😉

Memory games: numbers

manualidades para niños-juego de memoria

Print and cut the picture tiles. It is a craft memory game for kids where the goal is to match numbers and pets.

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