Bees Lapbook

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This Lapbook is a really cool hands-on method of teaching children about bees. Our Bees Lapbook contains: puzzles, vocabulary, minibooks, photos and other materials that collect in an organized and very visual way detailed information on the central theme: The Bees.

This Lapbook, in particular, is a complement to the digital tale Honey Tina y las Abejas designed for elementary school students to test their level of synthesis and understanding of the subject matter in question. In turn, a well-achieved and visually appealing summary of Las Abejas will be left in didactic form.

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Bee Lapbook: teaching resources for parents and teachers, to play learning at home or in elementary school.

By purchasing this digital product you will immediately download a15-page PDF format.

Detailed download content:

– 2 sheets with instructions in Spanish and English to build theBee Lapbook with indications to create the drop-down base

– 1 sheet with Tina bee for coloring and QR codes for downloading the free version of theHoney Tina educational app and bees,for tablet and smartphone.

– 1 sheet with tags and background to write the title of your lapbook.

– 1 DIN A4 sheet with flower shaped insole. The 6 flower petals fold over the hexagonal center part and the contents are displayed when each of the petals is opened. In the center of the hexagon is the theme of union between the parts, for example: Hive products. And on each of the petals we will draw, write or paste an element of the leaves of ‘The Trimbles’.

– 4 sheets DIN A4 ‘Trimbles‘:

    • 18 cards (real photos)
    • 18 written words that form the beekeeping vocabulary of the story (EN-ES)
    • Illustrations of objects and products featured in the story
    • Wheel to rebuild the life cycle of a bee (Circular templates with color illustrations that will overlap each other). To the top circular template we remove an angular section (like a piece of cheese), leaving a part of the lower circle in view. As you turn the top wheel, you can see different evolutionary phases in the life of a queen bee.

– 1 sheet DIN A4 to make‘4 pockets’. 4 illustrations to color and put a different title to each pocket that we will later paste into the drop-down base. Inside we will put cards or other items with information related to the title of the pocket. For example, APÍCOLA VOCABULARY and we would put inside all the cards that are gained in the games of the app with the real photos and definitions of the bold words of the story.

– 2 sheets DIN A4 with 2 puzzles and 2 accordions:

    • Queen Bee
    • Nurse bee
    • Peking bee
    • Guardian Bee

– 3 leaves to make the Wheel of Flowers that bees like.


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