All our Apps

Our apps are characterized to be original short stories, with animated illustrations and that also incorporate game proposals.


Honey Tina & Bees

App about the world of Bees. A short story to transmit to your little ones the love for nature and respect for flora and fauna. With mini-games and entertaining information about the work of bees outside and inside a hive.


Nini learns to count

A short story about numbers aimed at preschool children with games in English and Spanish. Enjoy quality moments with your little ones becoming a storyteller.


The Froggy Bands

App with interactive games to train musical intelligence from 4 years old. 'sound puzzles', 'playing drums', 'recording a beatboxing', blues group.


Instruments Sounds

App with illustrations and sounds of musical instruments. Played on tablet or in combination with board game - Memory Cards I


Stickers - Music Instruments

Animated stickers on musical instruments for Apple's iMessage app. The musicians of the Froggy Bands for us animated messages.