Honey Tina & Bees


Honey Tina and Bees | App-Story-Game

Learn everything about the bees in this educational game where you will help little Tina to find her place in the world In English and Spanish.

Honey Tina & Bees is available for iOS and Android devices in:

Do you want to show to your little ones a love for nature and To learn to respect flora and fauna?

Learn everything about bees in the educational app Honey Tina. Minigames and fun facts to raise awareness about the importance of bees.

Tina the Bee has to do its part in the hive… but all she wants to do is dancing!
An engaging and heartwarming story, with 8 chapters full of entertaining minigames and fun facts aimed at raising awareness about the important role that bees play in the environment, and about looking after Nature, aimed at children from 4 to 10 years old.

Discover why bees are the single most important animal on the planet and what you can do to save them in this educational app!

Did you know that bees are considered the most important animal for the environment because of their pollination work? Defending the bees is defending biodiversity! Save the bees is as well as save our biodiversity!

Children who enjoy Honey Tina and Bees will be able to learn a lot about bee worldthroughout eight chapters, accompanied, inside and outside the hive,by the voices of Rubén Moya, voicer of Morgan Freeman, and Laura Ondiviela, voice actress.

Honey Tina & Bees ©2019 original idea by Tangible Fun S.L.

Project support by Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports

Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte | Gobierno de España


Game Art & Design:
Daniela Seminara

Music Composer & Game Animator:
Javier Duró

Unity Programmer & Scripts:
Ángel Durán

Spanish voice storyteller:
Rubén Moya

Spanish female voice:
Laura Ondivella

English translation by:
Ella Rowe (English teacher)

Testing & Q/A:
LUDIA Asesoras

Photography ©:
Pau Cardellach (Barcelona Honey Fest)

Voiceover Narrator:
John Sutton

Female Voice:
Debra Ball
Chloe Angel

Special thanks to:

Luis Pérez y AnnaMaria Pandza of ‘Fundación Amigos de las Abejas’ abjeas.org

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who made the Honey Tina & Bees project possible, and special thanks to the kids of Asociación Cultural y Familiar GALUK de Bilbao y la Asociación Cultural Ludiversia de Rivas-Madrid.

¿Buscas manualidades sobre las abejas?

En el apartado de la mochila podrás descargarte el kit para realizar un Lapbook sobre las abejas y compartirlo on-line con tus alumnos.

El Lapbook de la abejas es un complemento de la app Honey Tina y las Abejas pensado para que alumnos de primaria pongan a prueba su nivel de síntesis e comprensión sobre la tematica en cuestión.

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