Musical Instruments Memory Cards Game

Do you want to organize a family afternoon gathering to have a great time with games that will help children strengthen their abilities?
Do you prefer to include board games that bring benefitsto your wish list?
Do you like traditional physical games, but understand that new technologies are also important for your kids?

We would like to present our new game, The Froggy Bands – Memory Card Game I

with a simple dynamic geared at children from 4 years old who want to have funand at the same time learn how they sound, how they are and how are musical instruments called.

The board games with memory cards that combines fun and new digital technologies to help children strengthen their abilities and make the most of the time spent with them.

The Froggy Bands Memory I cards include a multilingual didactic guide with board game instructions on English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese and Italian.
In the instructions you will find the QR codes for downloading the ‘Instruments Sounds’ App with all the sounds of the musical instrumentsof the cards.

Instruments Sounds_maracas

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