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The Froggy Bands – Memory Cards I

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Discover the card game of musical instruments!

Do you want to organize a family afternoon gathering to have a great time with games that will help children strengthen their abilities?

With the cards The Froggy Bands learn how they sound, how they are and how they are called musical instruments. You learn how to say names of various musical instruments in Spanish!

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The board games with memory cards that combines fun and new digital technologies to help children strengthen their abilities and make the most of the time spent with them.

Thanks to the Instruments Sounds App, included with the purchase of The Froggy Bands card game, listen and play with musical instruments.

NEWS! It can be played in groups of bilingual kids or polyglot children and multilingual families.

Play and learn with ‘BINGO SOUNDS’, you will be able to discover what the instruments sound and are called in English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese and Italian.

Who will be the fastest to recognize the sounds of the instruments in your cards?

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  • Acquire musical culture.
  • Auditory recognition and association of the instrument along with its drawing
  • Learning to classify musical instruments by family (string, wind, percussion)
  • Train your memory and attention span.
  • Acquire musical vocabulary in English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese, and Italian.

The board game is made of

  • Two decks of cards, one in Spanish and the other one in English, for a total of 56 cards in each deck arranged as follows:
    • 24 red cards with musical instruments in Spanish.
    • 24 blue cards with musical instruments in English.
    • 8 OBJETIVO/TARGET cards
  • Multilingual teaching guide with game rules and QR codes to download the App ‘Instruments Sounds’.

The 24 cards with instruments are:

  • 1. Recorder 2. flute ,3. fagot, 4. trumpet, 5. saxophone, 6. horn, 7. tuba, 8. trombone, 9. blues guitars, 10. violin, 11. viola, 12. cello, 13. double bass, 14. banjo, 15. piano, 16. harpsichord, 17. drums, 18. clave, 19. udu, 20. cymbals, 21. kettledrums, 22. pandeiro, 23. triangles, 24. maracas.


  • Play without Wi-Fi or Internet connection (after first download)
  • Parental control – we comply with the COPPA law.
  • We do not store data of minors. We respect the privacy of your family.


The Froggy Bands is winner of El chupete2018 XIV International Children’s Communication Festival, the best creative works with value, aimed at children, awarded in the DIGITAL GAME category.

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