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90 Musical Instruments Cards

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Musical Instruments Cards for multilingual children

Memory Card Game CONTENT:

Two decks of cards, one in Spanish and the other one in English, for a total of 90 cards arranged as follows:

40 blue cards with musical instruments in English

40 red cards with musical instruments in Spanish

10 TARGET/OBJETIVO cards (English/Spanish)

English and Spanish instruction about FREE download of Instruments Sounds App

Designed for music teachers


The Froggy Bands Memory Card Game by TangibleFun made of two decks of Musical Instruments Cards, one in Spanish and the other one in English, for a total of 90 cards. The Froggy Bands Memory Cards is a fun and didactic game which combines the visual and auditory memory.
Designed for boys and girls over 4 years of age, up to a maximum of 8 players can play it.
In short, it’s an interactive board game to learn about musical instruments in Spanish and English, combining the use of physical pieces (cards) and own interactivity of digital devices (smartphone, tablet).

The FREE digital application includes all the sounds of the cards’ musical instruments, allowing children to associate the sound of each instrument with their drawing (auditory recognition). In addition, children will be able to learn the pronunciation of each musical instrument in Spanish and English.


  • Acquire musical cultural competence
  • Instrument’s auditory recognition with drawing
  • Acquire musical vocabulary in English and Spanish


  • EASY: Have fun to playing and learning with the little ones, using only 30 couple of cards and then listen the instruments sounds with digital App
  • COMPLETE: Have fun with whole family, using 40 instruments, the TARGET cards and check them with the App Instruments Sounds
  • CUSTOM: Great Game for the Classroom. Teachers are able to change the game targets or to play to traditional games like ‘Fish’ or other like that

Look, Listen and Learn musical instruments with The Froggy Bands Memory Card Game

Get your cards!

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